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                That sinking feeling.....
March 2014
Recent water testing of the water surrounding the wreck of the ship has found significant environmental contaminants.Clearly the ship poses a hazzard and should be carefully dismantled as soon as possible. Any artifacts of historical interest that might remain aboard should be donated to the Selkirk Marine Museum. Anyone having any articles in their possesion from the Lord Selkirk are encouraged to donate them to the musuem as well.

Sadly with the sale of the Selkirk dry dock facility to private individuals by the federal government, has put a nail in the coffin of the Marine industry on the Red river. There is no longer any facility to inspect the underwater surface of the one operating passenger boat; and other research and cargo boats operating on the Red  river and Lake Winnipeg. 

Recent changes to Transport Canada's role to provide safety inspections to vessels also will make it incresingly difficult for operators of large vessels to have them repaired and inspected regularly. Lack of marine consultants and marine training schools in the prarie provinces are slowly leading to the end of any marine industry in the province. Loss of jobs to supporting industries such as plumbers,welders,pipefitters etc. Not to mention the dozens of summer students who will no longer experience working on a passenger vessel on the Red river. The only reliable way to explore the Red river will be at the Forks via pontoon boat, The days of large scale river cruises in Winnipeg are over.  

September 2013 

Paddlewheel Riverboats owner retires and vessels placed in storage. End of an era in Winnipeg. 1965-2013
June 19, 2012

A FIRE aboard the MS Lord Selkirk II made news here in Manitoba. The RCMP is investigating a fire deemed susupicious that was set aboard the retired passenger boat at around 1230pm on June 19,2012. Fire crews responded.The fire was extinguised but due to the volume of water sprayed onto the boat to combat the fire, the ship is listing severely to starboard. The present owners plans to scrap the vessel have been further delayed by this incident.Again I would strongly urge anyone to stay away from the ship and do not tresspass aboard it for everyone's own safety and also to not impede the fire investigation!

Read the following link:

The Lord Selkirk 2 has further deteriorated since the last time I updated this site in 2011. The ship is now aground in the Selkirk slough.The stern rope has been cut, the bow lines are slack and the ship is being readied for eventual scrapping by its present owners Global Scrap.

I have personally not been aboard the Lord Selkirk since the fall of 2010. It had come to my attention in early spring of 2011 that the ships steering wheel from the wheelhouse has been stolen by vandals.
I wish to thank the former owners the Slogans of Selkirk for their willingness to allow me to preserve some of the ships blueprints and paperwork for posterity.
A friend of mine Mr.Mike Delaney has kindly given me a life ring from the Lord Selkirk 2 and several photographs.I cannot thank him enough for the wealth of information that he has provided to me about life aboard the LS2 in the 1980's under the direction of the late Captain Wayne Law.
Mike served as a deckhand aboard the ship for some time and has many fond memories of her, the crew and the many friendly passengers that visited.
June 1st 2012

I will be adding a few new pages to this site to write about some of the historic boats on the Red River that some of us have forgotten. Last year I was informed of the passing of the late Commodore Dan Ritchie. Mr. Ritchie was responsible for having the M.S. River Rouge and the M.S. Lady Winnipeg constructed by Purvis Shipyards in 1967 and 1972 respectively. Ritchie sold both boats in 1986. The Lady Winnipeg is now owned privately by a family in Selkirk that use it as a private yacht.It had remained ashore and not in use from 1993-2005 approximately.

The Blackhawk 2 of Lake Winnipeg renown is now being used as a cottage by a Mr.Sigurdson.As it had foundered more than once it can no longer pass inspection for commercial use.Fortunately it is being preserved and enjoyed in Hnausa.

                     Watch this cool old commercial of the Lord Selkirk 2 in Winnipeg.

This site was constructed with the aim of preserving some of the local history that the community and toursits have shared with me about this local landmark. Any pictures you may have or documents, souvenirs, video, or names of former crew are of interest. Each submitted item will be credited to the persons from whom they were submitted from.

No time is better than now to start preserving this history before the ship and those associated with its construction and operation fade away. I urge you to submit your stories/photos so that those who are too young to remember, and those who are starting to forget, can learn and remember the M.S Lord Selkirk II and the good times that the she used to represent.



If you have any information, photos or stories about the M.S Lord Selkirk II please feel free to e-mail the Webmaster Capt.Adrian Ames at

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